SmartCHANGE General Assembly takes the project forward into a new year

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SmartCHANGE General Assembly Meeting in Porto

The SmartCHANGE consortium recently held its General Assembly in Porto, hosted by the University of Porto on the 27th and 28th of May 2024. This meeting marked a significant milestone as we concluded the first year of our 4-year project and provided an essential platform to discuss our progress and future direction. Uporto was selected as it is the host of one of our proof-of-concept studies, which involves different age groups across four countries: Slovenia (coordinating country), The Netherlands, Portugal, and Finland. 

Key Discussions and Updates

The meeting was crucial to update the status of the project and coordinate the activities performed by consortium members. We also welcomed our new partner, Taipei Medical University (TMU), into the consortium. TMU brings a valuable dataset to the table and will conduct a proof-of-concept study in a new and diverse context outside of Europe. The Taiwanese data will be included in full compliance with EU regulations and guidelines.

What’s next

The next six months are crucial for disseminating the project’s voice and guiding partners in external actions and support. As such, expect to hear more about the ongoing activities in the project soon as we ramp up activities internally and externally. As we move forward, the strategies developed during this meeting will be pivotal in achieving the goals of the project.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow our journey as we continue to innovate and drive change in health prediction and promotion through AI technology

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