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Welcome to the Video section! Here you will find embeds from our Youtube channel as well as various recordings from events and webinars, with the newest ones near the top.
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Adapting the smart change solution to diverse global contexts. Interview with Maroje Sorić

In this final interview from our kickoff series, Maroje Sorić explains how the SmartCHANGE solution will be developed to serve the needs of users in from different contexts and countries.

A collaborative vision harmonising Tech & Healthcare

In this video from our interview series, Elena Mancuso and Krunoslav Domić explain how the technical assets of the project will be developed to serve stakeholder needs.

Data harmonisation and Federated learning

In this video from our interview series, Argyro Mavrogiorgou and March Langheinrich explain different ways in which the project will ensure privacy and best practices in the usage of sensitive data, as well as how it will harmonize different data and training models.

Where Collaboration meets Innovation

In this third video in our interview series from our kick-off in Ljubljana, Janna Alberts from WP3 explains the collaborative development process for the SmartCHANGE family application to ensure that users are supported and empowered.

SmartCHANGE: AI-based long-term health risk evaluation for driving behaviour change strategies

In this recording, Nina Reščič from JSI presents the SmartCHANGE project at the 2023 International Conference on Applied Mathematics & Computer Science, in Greece.

Principles of participatory design across domains

In this second video in our interview series from our kick-off in Ljubljana, Claudia Dictus from WP3 explains how participatory design will be implemented in SmartCHANGE's development to guarantee that stakeholders are not only listened to, but have an active role in shaping their future.

A deep dive into explainable AI and visual analytics.

Mykola Pechenizkiy and Anna Vilanova from WP5 talk about the advantages derived from the implementation of Explainable AI, to understand risk predictions, and Visual Analytics, to interpret collected data, in the digital infrastructure of the SmartCHANGE application.