SmartCHANGE: Shaping Tomorrow's Health, Today

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AI tools and personalised risk assessments, a blueprint for well-being


In a world where more than 70% of global deaths result from non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs), the need for proactive, effective prevention strategies has never been clearer. Unhealthy lifestyles, characterised by insufficient physical activity, prolonged sedentary habits, poor nutrition, and other risk factors, contribute significantly to this alarming statistic.

While advancements in treating NCDs have been noteworthy, SmartCHANGE recognizes the power of primary prevention, targeting healthy individuals to mitigate the risk of adverse outcomes. The ideal period for these risk-lowering strategies? Childhood and adolescence—where behaviour changes can have a profound impact on long-term health.

The SmartCHANGE project’s mission is to develop trustworthy, AI-based decision-support tools. These tools will not only accurately assess the risk of NCDs in children and teens but also promote optimised risk-lowering strategies for a healthier future.

By collaborating with family units and health professionals across four countries, SmartCHANGE compiles diverse, detailed datasets. A user-friendly web application empowers health professionals to evaluate and manage health risks related to lifestyle factors. It offers personalised risk assessments, supporting clinical decision-making.

SmartCHANGE not only follows established best practices but actively develops its own based on continuous stakeholder engagement and feedback loops. The initiative aims to create precise AI-driven models forecasting lifetime NCD risk, incorporating behaviour, fitness, and biomarkers for enhanced accuracy. Trustworthy AI tools prioritise data privacy, accuracy, and explainability, ensuring transparency and user trust.

Disseminating SmartCHANGE findings and tools, integrating them into healthcare systems, and raising awareness about the significance of healthy lifestyle choices are essential components of the initiative's goal to promote healthier lives.

Welcome to the future of health—SmartCHANGE is not just a project; it's a transformative journey towards healthier, happier lives for our children and youth. Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Stay healthy, stay involved!